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Rose or Cube Shaped Multicolored Flashing Water Activated Party Cubes

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Multicolored Flashing Water Activated Party Cubes. Perfect for ANY occasion or no occasion at all. Activates once in contact with liquid. Do not put with hot beverages and do not freeze. You can add ice to your beverage if you choose to have your drink chilled. These cubes are disposable and will last approximately 30 hours.  First 8 hours will be the most vibrant.

How to use:

Put in cool beverage of choice and enjoy until the party is over.

Remove, rinse, and towel dry.

Ready to use for next shin-dig!


Returns Policy

Return within 14 days for refund as long as item has not been worn, tags are still on, no odors (including perfume), and no animal hair or lint. If no receipt and returned within 14 days, store credit may be issued. No refunds on gift cards. For online purchases, shipping is customer responsibility.